I've been using the Band in a Box DAW Plugin (not VST) as master sync with my preferred DAW with great success for a while now. Users using the new 2019 VST Plugin might like to try this method if having problems inside their DAW.

Unfortunately the BIAB VST and DAW plugins use Midi Clock Sync so does not have the ability to sync to certain bars, basically it only allows start and stop commands.

Download and install the rtpMIDI driver from here, create a session and that's it.

My preferred DAW is Samplitude Pro X and using this method with BIAB as Master sync is rock solid for my purposes, I'm sure other preferred DAW's with Midi Clock ability would work.

I've created a quick ( = rough ) tutorial which can be found here, no audio I'm afraid. smile

Brian Cadoret
BIAB 2020 Pro UltraPAK. Samplitude Pro X2.
i3 Laptop Windows 7 8GB Ram