This is a universal problem with build 609. I tried to get confirmation from PG but was not able to get tech support in time. I only know it is universal because I was using 64 bit vsti on 608 and it worked fine but was gone in 609. Same issue as you. Could see the the data triggering the vst but no sound. Tonight I reverted back 608 and sound is back.

I have to say that as a user of BIAB for about 6 years I have full confidence in the company resolving these issues. They always have in my experience. It is an incredible product that has no equal.

What bothers me, as someone who has used the forum as a reference and not really been a participant(bad on my part), is the attitude given by some long term members. While I appreciate the help and your undying support for the product some may want to consider that using a condescending attitude when someone is trying to point out or solve a legitimate problem is not healthy for the users of the product. Yes, it may be user error but why immediately jump to that conclusion?

As the new 64 bit version grows, especially the vst, I believe there are going to be droves of new users that will be able to provide great content and inspiration on the use of BIAB in many ways I have not even thought of. The last thing I would want is these people to be ran off due to a lack of objectivity or an instant rebuttal of "your doing it wrong!"

To all that have responded to my questions and taken time to try and assist I thank you.