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I haven’t played with VSTis in BiaB so I can’t comment, however I don’t think all the problems are user error
You're right, It's not user error, I can open Presonus Studio One, load a midi file, drag several VSTi plugins onto different tracks, assign midi channels, load patches, and be playing a song in under a minute, and do it all day long if I want with no errors, crashes, sluggishness, or abnormal behavior, with BIAB 2019 I can waste an entire afternoon hoping to find some magic combination and sequence of events to get it to work and just end up frustrated after each try, so I just end up using the Sforzando VSTi while in BIAB and export the midi to my DAW where I can using all my VSTis just I was doing with the previous 32 bit versions


Like you I can also use Studio One without a single problem. IMHO the BiaB VSTi is a half baked product that never should have been exposed to the public. I try to use the VSTi after every update but thus far no success. However for my workflow if I can not assign a sound source in a Studio One track and have the BiaB VSTi access it like every other VSTi can then the BiaB VSTi is useless to me.

The VSTi is great if you are a RT user but not so great for the MIDI side.

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