Greetings all!

I wrote "I Still Do" in 2005 in honor of our 26th wedding anniversary.
In 2018, for our 40th anniversary, I did this remix and reworking of the original tracks recorded in PGMusic's PowerTracks Pro Audio in 2005.

I imported the files into Cubase and tweaked a few things , ...and added a BIAB Sax realtracks solo in the outro.

It was meant to be a personal song just between my wife and me, so I made some very personal song choices.
For example, Verse 1 is lyrics and verse 2 is a piano solo, because verse 2 is meant to depict those times when we would sit at the piano together while I played for her.
...and at the end of the song I speak " I love you, baby", because that's something I say to her daily.


I perform all vocals and instruments:

Live acoustic drums and percussion
Bass: Yamaha MO8
Synth guitar fills: Yamaha MO8
Tympani, Bell Tree, and Triangle: Yamaha MO8
EP: Scarbee Mark I
Pianos : Garritan Personal Orchestra Steinway
Strings: GPO, Sonivox Orch Companion Strings, Spitfire Labs Strings

RealTracks in song: ~~1057:Sax, Alto, Soloist SmoothJazzCool Sw16 100 (Bluesy)

PowerTracks Pro Audio


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