Hi Folks.
As a child I loved folk tales of people from far North. They have very unique flavor. Here is my tribute attempt to write a semi-folk song. I wrote it in Russian, I think I will butcher it, if I do English version smile Thank you for listening!

Sever / North

2543: Pedal Steel
2650: Guitar
1758: Banjo
Initial arrangement made in vArranger, Various synths and instruments of Halion.

Lyrics translation:
Early morning snow is glowing
Playful chill is tickling bones
Sun is burning his eyelashes
gleaming steel of sharp harpoon

Dance blizzard, dance
Ring loud sacred bells
Let the hunt bring seals
Let the fish find the net

Scarlet blood like artist paint
spilled on virgin lump of ice
Master looked upon the clouds,
and shut down tired eyes

Dance blizzard, dance
to the drum of shaman
Please forgive me mighty bear
for my deceit.

Raven pecking stars above,
hiding sun beneath black wings
he is teaching us to live,
to accept the death with smile.

Dance blizzard dance
Ring loud sacred bells
Sleep river Sleep
until the spring.