Wild Horses

Something a little different from Chris and myself, just a fun party type tune this time up.

Wild Horses (2019, Christiane Spruit)

I want a good night out
cause it is Saturday night
I've got to ring my friends
we're going out, alright
I've got some wild horses (x2)
I've got some damn good arguments
to set them free

I've been working hard
Each day of the week
and a good night out is all I need
I am going all the way down now
to dance and howl and shout it out loud
I am going to have a good night out
to shake it loose

Bridge (instrumental)

I've got to pay my rent
I've got to pay my dues
But on a saturday night I've got to shake it loose
I've got some wild horses (x2)
I've got some damn good arguments
to set them free

Outro vamp: free free set them free

The band:

RealTracks in song: 1583:Bass, Electric, TexasBluesRockShuffle Sw 130
RealTracks in song: ~425:Organ, B3, Background Blues Sw 120
RealTracks in song: 2436:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NewOrleansShuffle Sw 130
RealDrums [in Song:BluesRockShuffle^1-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Open HiHat

I'm playing the slide and straight guitars, strat processed with S-Gear.

The basic bed for this was one I did at the end of last year as a platform for PeterF and myself to have some fun with the guitars. That guitar jam is here: Blue Stew.

When Chris heard it she asked if she could do a version with vocals. I modified the bed to work better with vocals and added an instrumental bridge.

Mixed with reaper using plugins from waves, mastered with Ozone8.

03/26: Also uploaded to soundcloud, although the sound is always better on reverbnation IMHO. Here: Wild Horses

All comments welcome!

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