On A Dime

We often mention how much we like open airy mixes based on a small number of tracks…well please allow us to completely contradict ourselves grin This mix is an attempt to be somewhat “in your face” but not smashed against the ceiling. And the track number counting all the bits totaled 14 which way exceeds my comfort zone. It’s somewhat a departure for us but it was fun and we hope you also find some fun in it. And, yeah, yet another 12 bar silly ditty from Bud for Janice and Peter to riff on!

Thanks to Peter for the guitars and joining in on the arrangement. And a shoutout to HearToLearn for steering me to the snare sample. Additional thanks to friends for preview comments and as always to PG Music. Oops, and Bud thanks Janice for the photo.

We appreciate your time to listen and comments are always welcome.

Janice: arrangement, lead and background vocals / Rode NT1 > Scarlett 212 > Logic Pro X / Nectar 2
Peter: solo guitar/rhythm guitar tracks, arrangement and mix
Bud: arrangement, mix and mastering

Bass: RT 1012: BluesRock / Waves CLA Bass Rider / Waves CLA Bass

Piano RT 1591: BluesRock / Neutron 2 / EMT 140 Plate Reverb sim
(comped from multiple regens)

Rhythm Guitar RT 1585: TexasBluesRockShuffle

Drum Kit: RD BluesRockShuffle / Waves CLA Drums

Snare: Ludwig 600 sample / Neutron 2 eq module / Waves CLA Drums

Additional drum bits (kick and cymbal) tracks: Waves CLA Drums

Mix: Logic Pro X
Mastering: Logic Channel EQ > Waves LinMB > Ozone 8 Imager/Limiter > Izotope Tonal Balance

© 2019 B. Merritt / J. Merritt / P. Fulham