Hi Rharv, Thanks for responding. I will give a bit more detail as to exactly what I am doing

I record the jam session with a 16 track mixing board and feed it to a an external separate power supply USB drive. Later at home I connect that USB drive to my main desktop computer. I delete most of the tracks that I know are not being used and bring in the tracks I think might be used. While viewing the tracks in RealBband I take note of any tracks that are obviously blank and I remove them. I set the best mix I can with faders then if that is not good enough I use the nodes to adjust the mix. This works great in RealBand. I then save it as a .wav file back to the same USB drive but in a different directory. So far I only really noticed the problem with one song so I can't really say it is happening on all songs. I do know RealBand was aborting a fair bit. I tried it with a WMA file and got the same thing. I thought it might be my error so I found the minutes/seconds spot on the recording and compared them back and forth and they were definitely different. So for now i send it out to another computer from RealBand and I have the exact same mix. It takes longer of course.

John Bowles
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