Thanks Silvertones. So basically it should be working on my Win-7 machine is what I take from your saying it has always worked.

I am running Windows-7 with Service Pack 1 on all three of my computers.Years back I had to upgrade Win-XP to a new service pack level because of one software that required it. That is the only time I was forced to go up and back then you could do it with CD updates so it was fine. I just dumped the system requirements below. It should not be an issue according to that. Maybe PG music can answer the question if I need to go up to a higher service pack in order for these node volume adjustments to transfer over to the .wav files. I would prefer a confirmed message rather than "do it just in case" because the the online service pack updates take forever. Both of my computer service people agree. They say "they take a very long time now". They should know since they do a lot of them and they have not reason to lie. If I run it I need to run it starting Friday at 4 pm so it is done by Monday (hopefully). If I have to do this upgrade I might actually look for a RealBand replacement which has a trial I can test with my current setup.

I really should not be looking at this thread any more until April 29th after the next jam I am running. I have to get my tax done and I Need to brush up on 18 songs for the coming jam as I am the melody person of last resort.

System Requirements for Band-in-a-Box®
Windows®: XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64-bit)
Minimum 1GB RAM (2GB+ recommended)
Minimum 1.0 GHz processor (2GHz+ multicore recommended)
1GB free Hard Disk space for a minimal install (15GB+ recommended)
Pro RealCombos: ~15 GB
MegaPAK RealCombos: ~25 GB
Full UltraPAK or UltraPAK+ when installed to internal hard drive: ~120 GB
(another ~100 GB is required for the installation files when downloading the UltraPAK or UltraPAK+).
Please note: Hard Drive versions of the UltraPAK, UltraPAK+ or Audiophile Edition do not require any hard disk space when run directly from the external hard drive they are shipped on.
1024x768 screen resolution (1360x768+ recommended)
DVD-ROM drive for shipped versions of the Pro or MegaPAK.
USB port for the UltraPAK, UltraPAK+ or Audiophile Edition.
Sound card or MIDI module.
Internet connection recommended for activation and updates.

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