Maybe there is something deeper in the idea that it has something to do with Midi.

Just curious. Did you try my actual test which takes the volume to zero with comments in the recording saying the volume is zero at that time making the playback in wav such that you should not hear these comments. On the contrary small adjustments that are typical with a recording are easy to miss if you are not looking for them. This is why I did probably 12+15+9 = 36 recordings and never noticed it until I made a fairly larger adjustment. Actually the real reason I noticed it to be honest was because I was fixing my terrible guitar playing at the jam because I had no warm-up and I also changed my technique and I am listening unusually carefully to it. In short I have become an extreme fuss buss as of late regarding these recordings. I had made maybe a -9 drop in one node and a +3 rise in another node and the difference was just barely enough for me to notice it and dig farther. If all one is doing is +3 and -3 and one is not unusually sensitive one won't notice it. You really do have to take the node to absolute zero to make the test easy. Why make it hard so you have to strain to listen to it and spend a lot of time on it? Makes no sense. My test takes maybe 5 minutes and it is a no Brianer to know it is not working (as it should be).

Not only that support told me they can do remote fixing if it is a serious. If they did this test they could run my test and be 100% sure it is happening (actually I could send the .seq and mp3 files through regular email so they would know 100% for sure it is happening by recognizing my voice on both recordings). Again 5 minutes to do this test and I already have the .seq file to save that work so my estimate is probably about right. Why not? It should not be happening. Why is it happening? Valuable info for them I would think.

Lastly once I decided to look for a different product I will install it on my 3rd machine to see if I get the same result. This assumes that I do not loose a BIAB activation since I am happy with BIAB. Three machines with the same bad result? That is highly unlikely to happen right? Speaking of BIAB as an aside I have had BIAB song file downloads for "Jazz Jam Club" members for a while but I just introduced BIAB chord window images as a way for them to get the chords from any of the 7 Hal Leaonard song books I have if I put a song out on the Jam Schedule that is not in a more common song book. There are a few reasons to use the BIAB chord window image for this but one is to encourage them to buy BIAB (the hope being if they see all the buttons they might get interested).

Looking for a different product with my list of 15 items should not take to long. Make up a list of 15 requirements, send a boat load of emails out to forums and sales people. Assign a weekend to each positive response (sorted best to worst of course). I should have my answer for each product by the end of the weekend. If need be I will do it in the summer when the jamming dies off.

Back to tax. Got to get it done tonight :-)

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