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John B. - I should be able to test this in RB2019 this weekend. However, there are a couple of things I noticed. In the picture you posted, it was just audio tracks, so your MIDI settings (that you later posted) should not apply. Also, I noticed that you are using stereo tracks for what appear to be mono material (the wave form is all in the left channel of those audio tracks. Is there a particular reason for this?

Maybe the reason for "the wave form is all in the left channel of those audio tracks" is I was not aware of this and it sounds pretty good to me ear. To bring the .wav files in to RealBand I go to the windows folder where the song tracks are stored, delete the ones I know have no recording data, highlight all the remaining .wav track files , left click and hold on the top track that is highlighted, drag it to the top track of RealBand and release the left button. That drops them all perfectly into RealBand keeping the same name as in the windows folder. So these tracks coming in would be mono and RealBand is doing whatever. If it sounds good to me I don't question it. It is basically the same with the "save As" after the Volume Automation (node) changes. If it sounds good to me (or if it is not important that it be perfect) I am done. It is more or less the same reason I never really checked all the prior recordings before and never noticed the problem before. It is only because I am in the middle of changing my guitar technique (mastering a new technique) that I have become really sensitive to it and listening really closely to it. Translation, my guitar playing live without a good warm-up is below my standard so I redo my guitar playing part of the recordings after a good solid warm-up and listen very carefully to them now. It is in this hyper critical mode I am much more likely to notice issues like the node adjustments not getting written out to the .wav file. In a way I suppose you could call this "just in time learning". My test is a different attitude. Since I am asking others to donate their free time my test is designed to make it easy "meaning you do not need to be hyper critical and listening really hard to notice the issue".

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