Hi Del,

thanks so much and wow! Maybe this problem is not so weird after all :-) Your input is very valuable because that eliminates my concern that it might be my using Win-7 without updates causing the problem. I have to assume TechSupport does not remember your problems. I was not aware there such a thing as volume nodes versus gain nodes. I will pock around and see if I can figure it out. Before I get into the google searches etc I am starting to remember some of the things Rharv mentioned 1 or 2 years ago when I first felt the need to have RB store volume changes. I seem to remember it has the ability to remember adjustments I make to the volume sliders. Maybe that is what you are referring to. If so it would not be as nice since one can not see it.

Also since John Ford is going to be doing my tests on version 2019 it sounds like he will get a positive result (the node adjustments will copy to the .wav file). It will be interesting to see what his results are.

So I have a day off with my daughter visiting. While she does some work I have been pocking around with Audacity to see if it can do a visual volume automation. It appears it may be able to. I am about to try and confirm that. If it can solve the problem what I will do is look at the new BIAB features and see if they are enticing enough to make me upgrade.


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