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I didn't try "File, Save As". I'll have to do that also. I guess that makes seven ways to do it. Oy!

You don't really need to now John. Del and my test answered the question and I marked the thread as (resolved) almost immediately.

Your other tests involving other features that are beyond my daw knowledge level made me think of a joke which was my original response. It was a joke poking fun at myself essentially. I decided maybe it is best I remove it since someone's post suggested it may have been misinterpreted.

I also modified my post regarding my simple test. I created that simple test because my first tests were done with the guitar and poorly thought out leading to way too much time to get the test completed not to mention that I still was not 100% sure there was a problem. The simple test was far better and could have been made even shorter now that I think about it. What is that old saying? "KIS".

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