I have several comments that may help John Bowles solve his recordings issues that don't appear to have been addressed or completely discussed in the thread yet.

When you import a file into RB, if it was recorded as a mono track on your USB, before you import it into RB, Right click or double click in the Song Title area of the track you want to import the audio to (this will initially read - Untitled) and change the default selection from Stereo to Mono. A mono file is best processed as a mono file unless you intend to apply stereo effects to the track. There's a third choice to change the default from audio to midi as well if the track is intended to receive midi.

What has been pointed out but not made clear is that with John's jam recording workflow, after importing his audio into RB, John should be mixing his tracks using volume automation rather than the default gain automation. Gain and volume appear to be similar (and they are) but they are intended for completely separate operation and purpose in a mixer. John, I think you are not getting the results you expect or desire because you are using the wrong tool for the function. I didn't have to do your tests to know you aren't getting your desired results. It's not likely a RB defect but even if there's a defect, you avoid the situation by using the correct tool. Gain and volume operation and purpose differences also apply to your physical 16 channel mixer or for that matter, any mixer whether it's analog or digital and also any DAW you use. Gain and volume are always two separate and different functions that are both essential to quality recording or live broadcast. Having proper gain and volume automation have nothing to do with whether any specific RB save sequence retains the settings or not. Apparently, RB can do either dependent on which save sequence one chooses and the proper sequence should be chosen by the need to either have the automation included or if it's desired to retain a copy of unedited audio.

I have found it a good best practice when editing volume automation to every so often and always before saving to Rt click on the automation line and from the drop down menu, select Cleanup Nodes. It's also a good best practice to do a Save File procedure after every few edits of any type so in the event of a malfunction you only have a few things to redo.

Hope this helps out a bit.

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