I was curious if the 2016 RealBand user manual had anything on volume automation. All these user manual key word searches find nothing. "Volume nodes", "Gain Nodes", "nodes", "volume automation", "automation".

From a computer systems analyst's perspective I was looking at the fact that you need to pull down the volume node area to see the drop down box. It probably would be possible to have that drop down for "volume nodes" out where is it not hidden away at all (the extra long entry could be a hover over popup). Had I have seen that drop down box this thread may not have existed.

Maybe PGmusic has fixed these shortcomings already or maybe that is something to consider. An enhanced user experience may mean more sales. Having said that a fair number of people on the "Audacity Forum" have seen the RealBand gain node screen and that does not hurt either. I reported the solution back to that forum and the fact that the gain nodes issue has been fixed. If those audacity forum users like the idea of using BIAB for a jam group and they check into BIAB and Real band they won't be looking at my 2016 version.

One last item which is indirectly related and probably more of interest to PGmusic. Some jazz charts are a bit confusing. I am now using the BIAB chord screen for the chart clarification image and also to give them the chords to songs when they do not have the fake book so they can join in to do rhythm and solos. Part of the reason for this is if the members see the BIAB screen they are more likely to get interested in buying BIAB and if they do they can simply download the BIAB file from my website (the exact file I use during the jams when we don't have a drummer which is most times at present). This ideas is the exact same idea as the Audacity Forum users seeing the BIAB screen. Some of those forum users might be located close to me and interested in my Jazz Jams Group.

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