Still no access. Maybe you have to be a senior member. It reminds me of my lack of knowledge on BIAB and Real band. I got this idea I would get the posts emailed to me. I did that. I tried answering a question and quickly realized I know very little about a lot of this stuff and I have no place trying to help people here. it is much like My joke I had put in that someone misinterpreted. I am a jazz guitarist and programmer analyst. I really have no real need to become a sound engineer and certainly no time (I practice 5 to 9 hours a day for jams for almost 3 weeks solid 7 days a week and I should practice more). In my mind Real Band is the best thing next to sliced bread (now that I know volume nodes work that is) :-)

I help in the ways I can. I point out programming design weaknesses and documentation flaws. My lack of knowledge about daw stuff puts me at an advantage here (at times possibly).

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