Topic #1: For the reason below I am betting gain nodes do not write out to the .wav file with (FILE, save as) even in RealBand 2019. However if I remember correctly some said their do?

So I discovered with my anolog mixer I use at the jams that I am best to turn the gain up for the drum mikes but have the output faders fully off so the drums does not come out the P.A. The reason is the drums are so loud. The idea was to point a PA speaker at the drummer and have him adjust his rock drumming down to jazz levels or at least the two of us will work together to come up with a compromise. Having the PA speaker equal distance to his ear as his drums are to his ear would help him know how loud to play. I would have a special mike out front of us so I hopefully could hear the PA to drums mix such that I could be better informed as to what is going on. So back to the topic I discovered that I had to have the gain settings up in order for the drums to be recorded on some of the 16 output tracks of the mixer which would go to the RealBand daw. So that explains Charlie's comment. The faders feed the mix output and the gain feeds the individual tracks. The Individual tracks are fully dry because it is expected that you will do a second mix with them using a DAW. Therefor only the volume node adjustments should it be written out to the mix (to the File/Save-As .wav file).

Topic #2: Observations of the nodes video:
I am listening to this video again (link below) and he calls it "Volume Automation". He does not show adjusting it from gain-nodes to volume-nodes. I also checked the colour. The video shows light blue which is the volume-nodes. The gain-nodes are green. Not only that he expands the node area and it does not show the drop down where you can switch between the volume-nodes and the gain-nodes. So this means that this video is suggesting that volume-nodes existed before gain-nodes existed and not only that for some reason the default setting for RealBand 2016 is the gain-nodes. If I change any track to gain-nodes and save the file it remembers it and changes the node type to gain nodes on all tracks if I am not wrong. No doubt they have been to busy to document this properly. Another video needs to be created since this one is older than my 2016 version and some of the menu drop downs I have are missing from the video.

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