The short answer to your last post is to first say the overall subject of gain and volume is more extensive than we will likely discuss here on the forum. That being said, my response to "Even better if PgMusic set the default to volume-nodes or documented the features or at least did not hide the drop down toggle (ideally all 3 of these ideas).", when gain automation is needed, it is always set first before any volume automation is needed. Many people, myself included, usually have a gain setting, not necessarily a specific value but a value within a small range variance that gain is set to insure a consistent audio level and headroom we're use to in our workflow. Gain can be set for the overall track and also to fine adjust peaks and valleys of the audio wav form to minimize needing extreme compression. But that is done before any other processing or adding effects is done. In my opinion, PGMusic has the default correct. On your mixer, the gain or trim knob is physically located on the board before the fader and the default setting, although accessed using a drop down menu rather than a physical fader, is in line with that layout. Documentation is like cow bell, we always need more. DAW's are famous for their hidden and drop down menus so that may be a viable update in a future upgrade.
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