Thanks Charlie, makes sense to me and after having thought about your prior post I am guessing Gain-nodes still do not write to the .wav file and maybe that is the way it should be. My burning curiosity led to that last post :-) since my problem has long since been resolved.

Moving the drop down to where it can be seen would be possible (regarding ability to fit) if just "Volume nodes" or "Gain Nodes" was included. There would still be room for the coloring when a track is highlighted. A hover over popup of added info would help and as far as I know this could include one or more links to more extensive reading (possibly web pages) for the info you suggest.

Regarding help I also agree in that ultimately experimenting is needed to learn (learn by doing I think most people learn best from). I will give an example which is kind of extreme but it really drives this point home. As a programmer I have learned varying amounts of 17 programming languages (a tiny bit to almost everything one can know about the language). Regarding the latter, for some reason at about age 44 I really got into the Unix shell scripting languages (3 of them). I went out and got Linux and I bought a book for each language and would read them in the morning for 1.5 hours and list experiments to conduct at night (anything I read would create a new experiment - very thorough - I made absolutely sure I missed nothing). I spent 3 hours a night after my full time programming work day for about 1.5 years 7 days a week plowing through the experiments. I learned more from the experiments than from the book. Way more and way better than reading could ever teach me. I would love to have the time to do this with BIAB and RB but in would be a big waste of time for my limited uses. These days I use "just in time learning" for most of my needs learning only what I need to know and much of the learning is from experimenting. In a way what I did was almost bad for the company. When I left no one could handle the Unix scripts I created because they had every trick in the book. They had to hire a Unix specialist to handle the scripts.

The fact that people generally use "Just in time learning" circles back to the 2nd paragraph. PGmusic I am sure realizes people are busy and PGmusic's challenge is to make the product as easy to learn as possible. Tricks like fitting a drop down box differently is probably no more than an 1 to 3 hours work if it has been programmed in a modular fashion and the payback would be significant. Had I have seen that drop down my experimenting nature would have led me to the solution without the need for this thread. I actually only go to a forum if I am really stuck. I get annoyed at myself when I can't figure it out on my own :-) For me life is like a big learning game. I am 64 and never seem to tire of it.


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