Thanks Rharv, During the course of the thread I finally saw the menu you show but I didn't look long enough to realize I could change the node type there. Your message got me to do a little experiment to see if it retains the node change and it does. Of course you already knew that :-) It comes back to my post about learning by experimenting. I believe we all do it a lot more experimental learning than we realize. I am think PGmusic may have changed the install default to volume where as my install default is gain. I say this because the video shows volume nodes so they may have realized having the video show volume nodes but the program default to gain nodes was causing confusion. People like Charlie can always change it to default to whatever is best for them. People like myself won't even know to look.

You are welcome regarding the compliment. The first time I read your post I was tired and I could not absorb it. Only when I came at it with a good sleep could I learn it and realize it was a good idea. I apologize if I seemed critical the first time.

The people on this forum are way ahead of me in a lot of areas. I thought I had learned a lot until I decided to get the posts send to my email which I look at often. I realized that most of the questions I didn't understand let alone being able to answer them. I tried to help with one but wasn't very helpful so I took myself off. I appreciate being able to ask a question if I get really stuck. I probably won't get that advanced. Most of my learning these days is guitar related.


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