I left myself a note for my monthly mix down sessions. Specifically.

Think of (gain-nodes as track-gain-nodes) and (volume nodes as mix-volume-nodes). This will help you understand why their settings (are or are-not) written out to the .wav files in all the various ways possible (the ways jford did tests on + the File-save-as...).

Regarding the idea of listing all the different .wav file output results, my jam keeps me very busy and at present I don't really see the need to list them all so I may never do this. Maybe jford would want to some day since he has it almost 1/2 done already. It essentially would be a duplication of what he did but with a 2 way break down (a row-column grid) to show the difference between the save to .wav for the node types side by side and of course it would need to include "File - save-as". Some people may find this very useful. This is the kind of experiments I was doing when I was learning UNIX shell scripting inside out and backwards. If someone does this for the whole BIAB and RealBand manual I recommend applying to PGmusic for a job :-)

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