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One way to think of the difference between volume (CC&) and gain (CC11) nodes is to visualize buckets.

Volume (CC7) is the equivalent of bucket size. I can have one quart, one gallon, three gallons, five or seven gallon buckets. In all cases the maximum amount of liquid I can pour into each bucket is limited by the size of the bucket. I can have one gallon of liquid but I will never fit all the liquid into the one quart bucket.

Gain (CC11) reflects the amount of liquid held inside a bucket. The amount of liquid inside a bucket can range between 0 for empty to 127 for full but the amount of liquid can not exceed the bucket's capacity when it is full.

Volume controls track level in a mix. Gain controls track dynamic level.

While all this is true I have also noticed RB using a different CC for Node GAIN changes than either CC7 or CC11 when viewed in the Event list.
This setting may be something proprietary for RB when using the Gain option.
Hopefully others see the same thing when using the Event List on a track where Gain Nodes are used (instead of Volume Nodes). The CC# appears as 102 instead of 7 or 11 .. at least here it does
.. unless I'm doing it wrong, which has happened before!

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