I remember CC#102 has previously come up in forum conversations. A search indicates PG Music changed how nodes works in the 2016 release. +++ HERE +++ is a conversation that indicates the CC# was changed from CC# 87 to CC# 102.


The Fishman Triple Play has consistently received excellent reviews since it was introduced. Midi data is transmitted from the guitar to a USB receiver over wi-fi. One forum user has about every MIDI tool invented and he likes it. The good: Latency (the time from when a string is plucked to when the audio is heard)is too small (way less than 10 milliseconds) to notice. It is pretty accurate. The bad: Cost ($399 US). Has to be installed on a guitar. Requires a computer.

Another solution is +++ Jam Orgin +++ . It also has received rave reviews. The good: No hardware, it is a software solution. It works with any program as a VSTi so any program that accepts VSTs can use it. Literally thousands of sounds and/or effects are built-in. Cost is $99 US.
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