I adjusted my prior post to indicate the popup should occur the first time adjusting gain nodes for each recording (not the first time one uses gain nodes). The shut it off checkbox removes the popup permanently unless a factory reset is run. Ideally that popup should point to some help for more info.

Regarding DAW (gain versus volume) I did a Google search (Daw gain versus volume) and found this link.
I don't have time to study it at the moment.

In my case I do not think I have had any track on any recording distort at all due to too much gain (too loud a track coming in from the disk drive to the computer). I am more likely to have too low a gain. However in this situation (once I get the main fader levels set to compensate) the quality is easily good enough for my needs. I won't be attempting to make money at this within any of my 9 lives :-) Using volume nodes solved my issue. As I prepare for my next mix session coming Monday or Tuesday I can't help remember the bad experience and Del's comment that others have had this experience with the 2017 version. Being a programmer/analyst solutions pop in my head. I am in a habit of writing all ideas down. This is the place to write these ideas.

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