Hi all

Looks like BIAB has inspired me to try out something new.
Had a lot of fun with the Amplitube styles and plug ins got me really interested in electric guitar sounds.
So after lots of research on the web I thought I would have a go at a Fender Strat, not the American or Mexico versions costing hundreds or thousands of ponds, but still a Fender made for them in Indonesia I went for the Squire Bullet HSS Tremolo. So that’s a Humbucker bridge and single coil middle and neck pickups 5 way switching.
25.5 inch scale 9.5 radius neck 9 gauge nickel strings so not to hard on the old fingers.
Cost me £110 new. So won’t break the bank.
This is an entry level instrument I know but that’s fine, as I have not picked up a guitar since I was 16 when I had a brief encounter with a jumbo acoustic never could master it and gave up. So at the ripe old age of 79 I am having a big learning curve.
The big difference now is I know a lot more about music, and there is so much on the web for the technical stuff like setup, intonation, truss rod adjustment etc etc so on, should keep me out of mischief.
Let’s say at the moment I am getting some very interesting sounds! But it may be a while before I am making backing tracks to play along.
So don’t laugh! I’m sure all you seasoned guitar players on here will chip in with any help and advice, maybe a tip or two on the way.
It’s 02-15 am here so you can see I am having fun. sleep

All the best
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