That's great, Mike. Best wishes on it.
I changed guitar horses mid life, for the third time, really,
and embarked on something of a more analytical approach, taking written music to the front of the line. That means much of what I have learned, over the past several years, you already know. My guess is you will be learning the chords and the fingerings. Adding the triads and their inversions opens up interesting new possibilities. Here, again, that's something most keyboard players know about, on piano. As far as tone goes, there are fabulous effects modules available. The Big Sky reverb pedal by Strymon comes recommended.
It would be interesting if you were to write down some goals.
Band in a Box is an amazing learning tool, adaptable to a variety of circumstances and learning tracks. I was using a synthesizer and drum machine to create practice tracks, until, that is, I found Band in a Box.

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