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I have some experience with doing it wrong. I had a Peavey power amp, modest with only 200 watts per channel. I only needed one channel / one speaker. Ok, so why not just connect an 8 ohm, 2 watt resistor across the other side speaker terminal to balance the load?

After about two seconds at zero volume, that resistor lit up like an incandescent bulb! I switched off the power as the smell began to reach my nose.

I’m still not sure why it didn’t work, but hey.

You would need a thumping big resistor to take up the power (wire wound) There are devices made to pad out the speakers. (These are not all that expensive). They essentially look like 8 ohm or whatever speakers to the power amp. It seems the go is non-inductive wire wound resistors to the correct wattage and impedance.

Edited to talk about pads and resistor type. Removed a link that probably makes little sense in this context.


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