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really pretty arrangement and a fabulous narrative.
My ONLY quibble, (& it's a common, modern issue), would be as a curmudgeonly grammarist:
When so is used there ought to be a conclusion based on it as in "You hit me so I hit you back"
"It was so hot that I burnt my fingers" etc.
"And I’m so thankful for them all" begs a conclusion such "that I pray each night for your safety." etc etc.
I only mention that because there's nothing else in the lovely piece that made me think "If it were me..."
I do take much from the fact that sentence, stanza, paragraph or lyric didn't start with so!
Classic stuff and someone should pick it up and use it in time for Mum's Day 2020.

Hi Ray,

Thank you for the insight both musical and grammatical. I wasn't aware that "so" was used in such contexts. Where I grew up, "so" was used in the way that I used it so it's probably just a local vernacular thing.

Thanks again for taking the time...

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