Hi Warren,

As you guessed, the newer stuff is available only as a VST3 which does not work with RealBand. The Aspire EVO is available as both VST2 and VST3 as well as 32 or 64 bit. RealBand requires 32 bit.

This quote is from the Anteres webpage for the EVO plugin:
Quite simply, ASPIRE EVO analyzes a vocal in real time and separates the aspiration noise (breathiness) component from the harmonic content. It then allows you to either increase or decrease the amount of aspiration noise, as well as letting you affect the character of the aspiration noise by applying a parametric EQ to the noise component.
+++ HERE +++ is a link to the Antares Evo webpage.

The initial plugin download is 64 bit but a 32 bit version is available for a $7.99 additional cost. The plugin is available as a VST2 so the 32 bit, VST2 version should work with RealBand.

Aspire EVO requires ilok copyright protection. So you'll either have to purchase an ilok dongle and lose use of a USB port to the ilok dongle or you'll have to install additional ilok software to manage your ilok protected applications.
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