FJ, Thank you for listening! And special thanks for that: "The backing tracks are the perfect vehicle."
I had doubts about the "happiness" of the tracks for the subject, but then the song evolved and I felt I should leave it the way it is.
J&B, Thank you for listening and your nice feedback! WW2 chewed my family tree quite a bit. The subject is a giant bruise without boundaries. I am very curious if people who promote nationalism understand what it can lead to, or it is just a game to them?
Tangmo, Thank you for listening and nice comments. This is a very interesting thought:
"We're all just following orders anyway, even in disobedience."
Ray, Thank you! "Deceptive backing" this was not intentional, but I like how you described it smile
The only hope is that those with influence step up to cool things down. I took your advice and inserted vocal rider on vocal bus to even things a bit.
Thank you for listening and kind words! I remember some years ago I watched movie Everything Is Illuminated with Gogol Bordello. My mother in law played on couple of soundtracks for it.
Thank you for listening & nice comments here and on SC!