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Great job.... and yeah, as others have mentioned, the mix is pristine.

A few days ago I was laying a trail for some K9 training and chose a path that took me along a section of the train tracks that bisect the local town. The tracks are still used once a day or so.... but they are rusted along the edges and the cross ties are rotting away.....

This song brings back memories as a kid, we used to live close to the tracks in our town. Trains were much more common then and the station was just a short walk from the house.

I liked this song. Well done.

Thanks Herb for all and for mentioning the mix.. We bike ride occasionally on Rails To Trails which are old RR beds converted to trails. Some are over a hundred miles long. There plans to eventually have one across the US.

Glaf you like it. We both love trains especially steam engines.