I happened to see that there was an update for Sforzando when I clicked on the "check for updates" button in the VST's UIF.
So... I installed the newest version... and lost all my BIAB HQ instrument preset settings. mad

Sforzando still shows in BIAB's instrument list, but will not open when selected from the list, and none of the BIAB HQ instrument presets work.
I suspect the latest version is 64 bit only, but can't say for certain.

The upside is that the newest version of Sforzando includes a VST 3 version, but the downside is that the latest VST 2 version is not recognized by BIAB.

The fix is to either re-install Sforzando from the installer that came with BIAB, or to use a tool like Pacifist or Suspicious Package to extract the VST 2 version from an older install pkg, and replace it in your VST plugin folder.

Hopefully this helps somebody !

Pacifist - https://www.charlessoft.com
Suspicious Package - https://www.mothersruin.com/software/SuspiciousPackage/

- Jay
MacPro 5,1/12 core@3.46GHz -- OS X 10.14.6 -- ATI 7970 -- 32 Gig RAM -- Crucial 500GB OS SSD -- Samsung EVO 1TB Audio/Sample SSD -- BIAB 2020 -- Logic Pro X -- Cubase Elements 10 -- Too many plugins