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I'm aiming to lay out a song which is a 12-bar blues form, but with extra measures for the head of the tune which are then dropped during the choruses.
The idea is to play the full head once, then play the first repeat (12-bar form) many, many times, then end the tune by playing the full head again.

I'm not sure if this will do what you want:
1) Type the head (think of this as an Intro)
2) Type the 12 bar chorus immediately following the head
3) Type the head again as a tag ending.
4) Use song settings to set the jump to the tag.
5) Set the song start and end bars and number of required repeats.

In a nutshell: Presuming an 8 bar head, 12 bars repeated 3 times for the chorus, and an 8 bar ending (head repeat), you could setup the song like this:


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