I'm a new member, a semi-retired engineer/patent attorney.

I had some songs demo'd in a Nashville demo studio, maybe 20 years ago, and then got detoured into raising kids (definitely worth it; they turned out great).

The way the guy at the demo studio did it, back then, didn't give me any MIDI tracks that I can use, to try to update or improve any of those songs, today.

So, I'd be interested in making a serious connection with one or more BiaB experts, to get some good, solid MIDI backing tracks, to take back into a (different) demo studio (in Nashville, again, for various reasons).

You can hear the 9 songs I'm actively interested in, here:


Sample titles:
If It Hurts That Much, Get On Up and Dance
Hard Workin' Music
You Better Don't

If you're a genuine expert in Biab, and would be interested in getting paid to create some backing tracks for any 1 or more of those 9 songs, send an email, with attached mp3 samples (at least 1 minute each) of at least 3 songs you've done using BIAB :