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That workflow\workaround is exactly what tech support indicated a couple pages back in this thread.

"... Although the limit for the song length in Band-in-a-Box is 255, generally speaking the closer you get to that point the more work the Band-in-a-Box engine taxes your computer and thus can create some pretty unwanted results.

As a general rule, the shorter the song the better it is. Even if you need to export smaller portions as a .wav then import them into another DAW to increase the length of it that would be a good work around.

No matter how much we may want BIAB to behave differently, it generally comes down to the fact that there is a workaround to get done what you need. It is just a shame sometimes that so much effort goes into learning this lesson for newbees. But as long as you are having fun... crazy

Tech support didn't "exactly" indicate "that workflow\workaround." Their suggestion to "export smaller portions as a .wav then import them into another DAW . . . " is quite different from the process that Charlie is suggesting/recommending. My concern from the beginning of my use of BiaB was (and still is) that piecing together chunks of short BiaB generated song tracks into a single, long song arrangement would result in odd and/or glitchy audio seams occurring at the junctures of those chunks. The fact that this occurs in RB's method of breaking up a long song into 240 bar sections confirms my concern. This is why Pipeline's suggestion in the other thread to use BiaB's VST plugin with Tracktion appealed to me so much because I had (and still have) the impression that using two instances of the BiaB plugin the way he described would eliminate or minimize the chances of odd and/or glitchy seams occurring between the track sections that those two instances of BiaB would generate. But if the workflow method that Charlie is suggesting would accomplish the same thing, then his method is also appealing to me, and there's no reason for me to have this concern .

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