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Another question I had pertains to my importation of an .XML file. You discussed the need for numerous folders to contain all the different sections of my song in BiaB. In order for me to create those different sections, I would need to create multiple .XML files within MuseScore for each section of my song and also have a complete master .XML file as the main road map of the song. I would also need to make changes to the master file and then copy those changes to one or more of the sub-sections as I go along, and then open the .XML exports from the edited sections into BiaB to regenerate the audio for them, etc. Am I correct?

I think I figured out the answer to my own question above. Correct me if I'm wrong. Instead of creating multiple .XML files (one as the master and the others as sections of the master), it would be better to just stick with one .XML file (that would have its name changed with each iteration) to open in BiaB. Then, I would delete all the measures within BiaB for all the sections except for a particular section for which BiaB would be used to generate tracks. This could be done repeatedly for one section (for example, the verse section) that ends up being modified multiple times while all the other sections remain intact both in the MuseScore master file and in the master audio file.

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