Originally Posted By: DeaconBlues09
Very evocative and heartfelt,..incredible production as well!

Keep up the good work, guys :-)

Thank you!


Originally Posted By: Robertkc

All the good things already said about this song get better with repeat listens.
Its a fine use of an underused song form and the vocal is stunningly good.
Up there with your best!

btw I loved the steamtrains still running nearby our house in the 50`s -brings shivers to think of them appearing from a tunnel.
oh, and you had a pretty nice bike!


Thanks Robert. Janice much appreciated your vocal comment. And we are glad to hear you are a fellow steam train fan!


Originally Posted By: furry
Oh wow, this had me hooked as soon as I heard the harmonice, what a belter. LOVE this song to bits. Janice, I LOVE your voice and this style of ballad is perfect for it. Fabulous all round job

Thanks for listening and taking time to comment. Hope you are feeling better.


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