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Your original issue was the 255 limit, which can be be gotten around in RB .. but not if you want RB to act like BiaB (keep using BB tracks). Then it reverts to BiaB-like behavior (in ways you may not want) and is slower anyways.
RB is unique in that it really has 2 'modes'. Whether you use BB tracks, or make all tracks regular tracks, can be a huge difference.

Once in RB, I, like Silvertones, make all BB tracks regular tracks right away. Then they behave as expected for me.
If I want BiaB behavior, I use BiaB. When I'm ready to expand and really build out the song I go to RB next.

Then I may end up going to Powertracks or ProTracks or Reaper or Audition or Traktion or whatever fits next for the particular project. It may never leave RB for some stuff.

It's all about workflow and getting comfortable with the software you want to use for the job you want to get done.

I haven't used RB yet to create an arrangement using regular tracks because I didn't know how to do that and because I had the impression from RB itself and from the manual that the tracks had to be BB tracks in order to create an arrangement. In fact, in the manual it states that the tracks will change color from blue (for BB tracks) to yellow (for regular tracks). Elsewhere it mentions green colored tracks and says that RB can regenerate tracks that are either blue or green, which means that it can't do so for tracks that are yellow. I think this is where some of my confusion has been because of earlier comments that were made about converting BB tracks to regular tracks, which is the same thing you said above. I've never had any blue colored tracks in RB. The manual also says that blue colored tracks are midi tracks, which I haven't used yet in RB. I've only been using Styles with all RealTracks, and I've only generated those tracks while they were green colored. In other words, I haven't opened any BB files with RB and ended up with blue tracks. I've only started off with my .XML file and created an arrangement from the imported chords in that file.

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