Hello forum friends. Been getting here more often lately and hearing a ton of great songs!! I have always been a big fan of Brian Wilson (and Dani, our forum's BW). This song seemed to go that direction melodically so I wrote it in that 60's style I'm so fond of.....still my favorite era. Hope you enjoy! Love "hearing" your comments! Take care. Greg


Summer Comes Along

You're that girl that I can't resist
Sometimes I wonder but you insist
That your hear belongs to me
That I hold that magic key

You hold me close when the cold wind blows
You hold my hand through the Winter snows
And your kisses keep me warm
As we shelter from the storm

But then Summer comes along
And you hear your favorite songs
I see the sun reflecting in your eyes
And you see those other guys
And it's not completely clear
If it will be me that's holding here
When Summer's gone
When Summer's gone away

I'm the guy who's been here with you
When those dark clouds would make you blue
When the season brings you down
Oh, you know I'll be around

I'll stay with you through the darkest night
And foolishly will believe in spite
Of everything you do
And you'll say you love me too

But then Summer comes...