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[quote=floyd jane]
Another good vocal (the highs could be rolled off a bit. It's a little "crispy"). /quote]
the vocal mix sounds good to me which says that I'm not hearing what you do
and now Beatmaster too
this is a problem that I've repeated too many times here
I'm gonna give some serious thought to just stopping.

THIS is what I responded to 44kfl.

To it I offered
"I know Soundcloud is the nearly ubiquitous streamer for this forum but perhaps try a different streaming service or upload with a screensaver type visual to YouTube With Utub you'll have more control over the quality of the playback and therefore fewer issues as a result.
Or "master" with a little less level so that SC doesn't do damage.
OR, better still, upload an MP3 or .wav file for folks to download and enjoy as you hear & intended."

I made no other reference because you would have had an idea of what I'd say about the vocal - and it had been diplomatically addressed by fj.

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