Hoping this is a simple fix. I'm working on a song, using all real tracks. For sake of clarity, I'm going to use the "Nashville" terminology for the structure (Verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, etc.)

This song has a 2 bar intro, followed by a 6 bar verse (tempo is 73, song is in 4/4 time - using the Midlife Folky Ballad style). The 6-bar verse is followed by a 5 bar pre-chorus, with the last bar being a 2/4 bar. The song goes back to 4/4 immediately after the single 2/4 bar. The 2/4 bar occurs at bar #13.

I have set the bar settings in bar 13 to 2/4, and bar 14 back to 4/4. All of the realtrack instruments pick up and play this change correctly EXCEPT the drums, which play through as though it is still a 4/4 bar...thus creating a 2-beat "gap" in the track.

I export my BIAB audio files to mix in Logic, so I could hypothetically fix it with edits there, but I was thinking/hoping there is a fix/solution I'm missing in BIAB. I'm using the '18 version on Mac.