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The first thing to check is if the tempo of the song is set to the tempo recommended for the Realtracks. For example, if a Realtrack has 120 at the end of it's name, this means that it will sound best if the song is set to 120 bpm. A tempo setting that's too far away from 120 bpm will introduce audio artifacts and these will cause the track to sound a little strange.

Secondly, enter into Audio Settings (as shown on the upper image below) and check the status of Peak Limit (#3 on image) and Use Realtime VST/DX Audio Plugins (#4). I always have these enabled - that's the default state.

Thirdly, click on "Edit Plugin Settings" (#5) and you'll be taken to the VST/DX window. When in this window, click through each button/instrument on the left side of the window (#6 on lower image) and check that there are no plugins present in those menus that I've labelled #7. The only setting that should contain something is "Default Synth" (#8) and this will have a software synthesiser in the top slot (#9).


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