Hi all...

I have been working a lot this week with the style _BURDEN.STY Burden Country Folk Trio and I am about to pull out what little is left of my hair.

Stylepicker reports the style should have drums from the drum style Shaker and Congas [Multi]. However, no drums play. If I try to open that style in Realband I get an error message saying I do not have the folder D:/bb/Drums/Shaker and Congas [Multi] (my styles are saved on a D drive - but this is not a mapping problem: all other drum and realtracks load fine). Indeed, when I look I don't have that folder.

However, a check on BIAB What-add-ons do I have? tells me I have everything.

Bizarrely, if I load style =BURDEN.STY Burden Country Folk Trio with MST Piano into BIAB, which I think is not supposed to have drums, although the style picker tells me the drums are not available, when I generate the song I get shakers and congas playing! However, if I open the same style in Realband I get the error message and no drums.

Anyone got any ideas or is this one for the technical support team?

I'm running on Windows 10.