The Band-in-a-Box program and its accessories can be used many different ways to accomplish widely divergent musical tasks. The program is a musical Swiss knife type of tool that lets a user practice playing, compose instrumentals, produce instrument tracks, learn song arrangement, print lead, chord and karaoke sheets, record audio and use midi. That is a short list of things one can do with it but I'm sure there are more.

But, I'm more interested in how users use it, not what can the program do. I'm most interested in how people that work in the music business use it as a tool in their business.

To give an unrelated example. When I worked (for a living) I used Microsoft Office all the time. I used Word to prepare class outlines, product service bulletins and trip reports. I used Excel to prepare trip expense reports, department expenses and the department budget. I used Access to maintain class and student records. Finally, I used PowerPoint for class, sales and department presentations. I considered the program to be an essential tool; just as important as the hand tools, data loggers and electronic equipment I used daily. I paid good money to learn how to use Microsoft Office efficiently. The money for the program, program updates and training was an investment that helped me to make the best use of the tool and department resources.
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