I use it (Realband) for making backing tracks, and playing the finished product with embedded MIDI automation

I start by loading the studio version of a song I want to recreate.
Then I run that through the ACW, mostly to tempo map it.
When the song comes back to RB, I fine-tune the chords.

At that point I may go one of 4 different routes:
1) load a MIDI file of the song and replace the guitar parts with my own playing or real tracks
2) play all the parts myself, if the song is within my ability
3) generate all the parts from real tracks and real drums
4) load a purchased karaoke track and mix it to my liking

in all cases after getting a mix that includes all the parts I'm not playing/singing, next step is to add MIDI codes to the sequence in order to drive my gear. These are used to load the right patch, turn effects off and on, increase the gain when a guitar solo begins, etc. It is a very cool way to make a lot of interesting stuff happen without getting distracted by remembering to stomp on a pedal at exactly the right moment.

Speaking of MIDI controllable gear: I just added a cool new piece of kit: The Digitech Whammy DT is a programmable whammy, harmony and detuning pedal. All of its features can be controlled by MIDI. One of the features I like is its ability to transpose the guitar part... all 6 strings, chords and everything. Its like a virtual capo that lets me play the song the way I learned it, even if I have to transpose the key in order to sing it. And unlike a physical capo, it doesn't make light gauge strings go out of tune. Being able to get the key where I can sing it without having to relearn the chords and solo really helps me fine tune a song a lot faster. I had also been looking for a harmony pedal that was MIDI controllable.

Anyway, that is pretty much exactly how I use RB. I rarely use BIAB except to explore all the new styles.