Hi Alyssa, I don't have BIAB just yet as I am waiting for the Mac version for 2019. My main interest is in the bundled Real Band DAW that's included and the fact that I prefer using my Mac vs Windows 10 laptop for music. However I found out from the Facebook forum that Real Band isn't supported on Mac OSX. I'm not sure if this is a marketing reason or technical Project Management etc reason. Anyway, Joanne from the FB forum kindly pointed me to this post. After reading it I have a couple of questions -1) was Real Band tested and if so we're there any issues? 2) I've recently read about using a "virtual" Windows environment on a Mac (a few applications available for this). Do you have any thoughts on this ? At the end of the day I may just have to give my Windows 10 Laptop some TLC and invest in some storage etc. If it is not possible to have real band on a Mac with boot camp and Windows or virtual Windows etc. Hope this makes sense ...thanks for any advice provided