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Buying Native Instruments Kontakt for the first time is not cheap, unfortunately, at $399. But, Native Instruments does have sales occasionally and you can save. Also, if you buy one of their lower priced Kontakt libraries (which can use the Kontakt Player), I have usually received an offer to upgrade to the full Kontakt for a lot less. But that is also playing a waiting game, of sorts.

For example, I waited and ended up getting an offer to upgrade my copy of Komplete 11 Ultimate to Komplete 12 Ultimate (Collector's Edition) for $299.50 (normally $599.00 to upgrade). Big savings there.

Kontakt is just a VSTi (an instrument interface that loads as a VST and allows you to load up multiple Kontakt-enabled audio libraries to play in your DAW).

There are Kontakt audio libraries out there that don't require the full Kontakt and work just fine in the Kontakt Player (which is free). So, while it doesn't help with the problem at hand, you should go ahead and download the Kontakt Player (since it's free), and then go out and look for free Kontakt libraries that are compatible with the player. That will give you a good idea and some experience regarding what Kontakt can do for you. Lots of folks on the forum here can help you with it, as well. Kontakt is a good tool to have in your audio arsenal.

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