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hey Alyssa - when I follow these instructions, here's what happens/what I see: The first pull-down menu at the top of this window is the input port. The following pull-down menus (Bass, Piano, Drums etc) are the outputs. The reason that each instrument has its own menu is that you can send different instruments to different ports. Click on the Bass pull-down and choose the IAC bus port (You could have specify the name of the ports in the IAC Driver dialog, but by default there may be a port named "Bus 1"). Then, click on 'Set all ports to this', and press OK. (NO OPTION FOR IAC) Midi studio in Audio Studio Setup just shows loading..... What do I desire? pipe BIAB-> Arturia synth software - Analog 4 and V Collection for playback pipe -> BIAB -> Presonus Studio 1 for tracking Should be pretty straightforward, but I'm not able to line up the dots! My MOTU Ultralite 3 is my midi in/out (once MOTU helps me make that work!!!).... so I can route playback through my Universal Audio Apollo x6 for playback and tracking.... Am I making sense? Please advise and thanks!

Greetings jmh0912. Welcome to Band-in-a-Box and to the forum! I'm sorry to read the directions posted just above your message did not work. The message is a frequently asked question (FAQ) cut and pasted from the support area of the website.

Your question may receive more views and you may receive more responses by posting your question in the Band-in-a-Box for MacIntosh section +++ HERE +++. Another suggestion is to to contact PG Music Support by email, chat, phone or through the +++ web based support request +++
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