I wonder if anyone can advise if I'm doing something wrong. I want to select a custom MIDI style and add it to a track.

1: I right-click on the empty Melody track and choose 'Select custom MIDI style for this track'

2: I want a Slow String patch, so I choose Slow Strings as the Patch and then press 'Choose Style with this patch' (Figure 1)

3: I select 'BOSANEW' as the style which clearly shows it has a Strings track using Slow Strings. I press OK (Figure 2).

4: I now need to select which track I want to use from BOSANEW.STY. However, in the drop-down there is no Strings track. The tracks that are shown are actually the names of the tracks in my already existing song, not the ones in BOSANEW.STY (Figure 3).

5: It now gets more complicated/weirder. I now get a message that 'Slow Strings is on Guitar 2 track of Style BOSANEW' and 'it will be placed on the track that you chose: Flute. This is OK'. (Figure 4) When or how did I choose Flute? I had chosen to put it on the Melody track. There was never a track named Flute.

6: I press OK and it places the MIDI patch on the Melody track and labels it 'Strings' (Figure 5). I wrongly think I've succeeded.

7: I generate the song and it renames the Strings track to Flute and doesn't have any MIDI data. It is an empty track (Figure 6)

I've watched the online video and read the help and I believe I'm doing this correctly. Any advice? Can anybody see an error in my workflow?

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