Trevor, to get back to your original post, forget most of those screenshots. Here's what you do:

1. Right click on the Melody track and select Custom Midi Style.
2. Select the patch you want and the style.
3. Forget everything else.
4. Hit OK, then hit Regen.
5. You get the correct style on the Melody track but the prior instrument patch.
6. Manually change to the correct patch and you're good to go.

I was selecting Melody in the From box but that doesn't seem to make any difference. I just now tried all of them. What it's doing is if you go back in it's showing your patch you just selected for the Melody track. I don't know what that box for now because it doesn't seem to do anything.

The Automatic Patch naming function seems to be working correctly, all of our confusion was caused by the bug, and yes it's a bug, that this function seems to be using the previous patch when you Play (but the style you selected is playing) and you have to manually change it.

Other than that it seems to be working fine and it saves OK too. It's a bug and the workaround is you have to manually change the patch after the first time you generate the song. At least on my system, latest build. I've done this about a dozen times.

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